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Witchy Poo is a Halloween story for all those trick-or-treaters who just can't wait for the best night of the year-the time to celebrate by wearing costumes, going door to door, and gathering mountains of candy! In this tale, while impatiently waiting for the evening to arrive, Lindy is visited by a good witch named Witchy Poo. Together, they soar around on her broom and gather candy, and Witchy Poo teaches Lindy the special song she sings while flying. Witchy Poo's song and story are both sure to be memorable throughout the holiday season and beyond!

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About the Author

About the Author

Linda Ferguson Garduno grew up in paradise in Pebble Beach, California. She spent most of her childhood playing with her family at the beach and exploring the forest. She later married the man of her deams and raised four beautiful children in Fresno, California, where she has taught elementary school for many years.

About the Illustrator

About the Illustrator

Laura Ashley lives in the denver metropolitan area with her husband and two daughters. When she isn't in her art studio painting, illustrating and teaching children's art classes, she also loves teaching preshcool, traveling, cooking and fairy gardening with her girls.

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Linda Garduno, Author of Witchy Poo was recently featured on TV.

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